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15 Group at the main line(playback)to control the 450 scenes(memories)steps or running
lights(chases) 2048 circuit control 120 computers can simultaneously control lights or
 240 Lu-optical circuit (Group 4 independent DMX 512 outputs)
2 PV sensory function only turn-knob 60 Road P&G quality durable Tuizi a group of 30
independent Canadian Lu (add) and separate (SWOP) button
MIDI control of audio signals and control lighting flashing effect
Built-in interface card that plugs(121,000 purchase screen)
Built-in 3.5-inch 1.44Mb computer Ruanqu, recorded or backup your data
Here graphics can usually control
panel (4D Our) and remote control device Electric lamps or computer manipulation
 of procedures in the future will continue to provide updated

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